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Decent Work Country Programme of Seychelles (2011-2015)

Seychelles Decent Work Country Programme (2011 - 2015)

What is Decent Work?

The Decent Work is a concept of the ILO based on the understanding that work is a source of personal dignity, family stability, peace in the community, democracies that deliver for people, and economic growth that expands opportunities for productive jobs and enterprise development.


Seychelles Decent Work Country Programme (2011-2015)


The DWCP is a mechanism through which the ILO supports the efforts of tripartite constituents in finding effective and long-lasting solutions to commonly identified challenges in socio-economic development. Seychelles Decent Work Country Programme (2011 -2015)
The Seychelles DWCP was signed by the Government and the ILO on 28th November, 2011 in Victoria, Mahé to officially launch the Programme.

A tripartite agreement was also signed by the Government, Federation of Employers' Association of Seychelles and Seychelles Federation of Workers’ Union (SFWU) in confirming their commitment towards the effective implementation of the Seychelles DWCP.

The Goal of the Seychelles’ DWCP:

“More Decent jobs for women and men of Seychelles by combining the four strategic objectives of the Decent Work Agenda in the realization of strategy 2017 within a strengthened legal framework in a collaborative spirit of consultation and tripartism with all social partners and stakeholders in the next 5 years.”

Objective of the DWCP for Seychelles

To coordinate and align technical assistance, support and resources from the ILO and relevant partners around an achievable set of priority outcomes.

Seychelles DWCP Priorities

The consultations with the ILO constituents on the priority areas of the DWCP revealed the labour legislations, unemployment and social dialogue as key challenges to be addressed by the DWCP. The consultations by social partners with the technical guidance of the ILO, therefore mutually agreed on these three priorities with applicable outcomes to be addressed in the current DWCP.


 I. Review labour legislation and strengthen the dispute resolution framework. 


 II. Promotion of quality employment and reduction of unemployment, particularly for women and youth. 


 III. Promotion of effective tripartism and Social Dialogue.

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