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Job Seeker Registration

To Register as a job seeker a person must be:


  • A Seychellois
  • Between 15 to 62
  • A jobseeker must contact one of the following private employment agencies for registration
  • Job Plus Employment Agency – Ocean gatehouse - 4322020
  • HEG Employment Agency – Roche Caiman -2783781
  • SMS Employment Agency – Anse Aux Pins Community Centre - 2833377
  • For the purpose of registration a job seeker will need to provide the following:
  • Name , address, date of birth, contact details, NIN
  • Education/Training and Employment certificates
  • Reference of last Employment
  • Qualification, previous worker experience and choice of occupation
  • During registration, the officer assess the jobseeker’s choice of occupation on the basis of counseling.
  • Once the registration form is completed, the jobseeker is issued with a job Card.
  • A job seeker should produce his/her job card to the employer when seeking employment.
  • Once a job seeker has obtained employment the employer retains the job card and return to the respective agency.
  • The purpose of a job card is to gather Labour Market Information





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