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Productivity Unit

Information and Communication Unit

The role of this Unit is to develop and oversee information and communication programmes for the Ministry and to ensure effective dissemination of information to members of the public.

The functions of this Unit include:

  • Devising and implementing an effective communication plan that is in line with the Ministry’s policies and strategies.


  • Coordinating press conferences, interviews and media coverage


  • Preparing press releases to report on activities undertaken by the Ministry and media programmes to sensitize members of the public on issues related to labour and human resource development


  • Working closely with all Heads of Sections for the development of internal and external sensitization materials


  • Maintaining a close liaison with other Ministries and Organizations to ensure that information is disseminated in a timely manner


  • Developing a good relationship with the media

Skills Development Programme

Skills Development Programme was introduced in 2010 with the aim to train young jobseekers between the ages of 18 – 30 years who are having difficulties to secure employment. The Programme enhances them with capacity building and retrains them in new areas so as to reduce the skills gap with the view to enable them to enter the labour market. The programme combines on-the-job and off-the-job training for a period of 6 months-18 months resulting in trainees gaining a certificate and mostly being absorbed into full employment upon successful completion of the programme.


Remuneration while on SDP

  • The trainee receives a monthly allowance between SR. 2500-SR. 3000 for the duration of the training.
  • Bus Pass
  • Daycare Assistance of SR. 500 if meet requirement.


Prosecution unit


The Prosecution Unitprovides prosecution assistance for the Labour Inspectors and Competent Officers within the Employment
Department whenever there has been a breach of the Employment Laws or non compliance with the decision of the Minister, that of the
Competent Officer or Labour Inspector.


Our mission is to provide highly competent and professional prosecution services for the Employment Department and to fairly, effectively and efficiently enforce the Employment Legislations of the Republic of Seychelles.




The Prosecution Unit receives its files to initiate legal actions from primary sources which are the Labour Inspectors and
Competent Officers whereby a party being either the employer or employee has breached the laws governing employment.

The Unit seeks authorization to prosecute any case from the Chief Executive which is assented in a certificate. The Charges
and summons are then drafted based on the alleged offence submitted before the cases are filed before the Magistrate
Court or the Employment Tribunal. Subsequent to the filing of the cases, the Court or Tribunal provides the Prosecution
unit with dates for the cases to be called. The Prosecution Unit ensures that the cases are heard and a ruling is given to
bring an end to the matters or that an out of court agreement is achieved.



Some of the offences that are interpreted as criminal offences before the court:

  • Failing to comply with the direction of the Competent Officer.
  • Failing to comply with the decision of the Minister.
  • Failing to initiate and comply with the Negotiation Procedure.
  • An employer who fails to pay an employee or trainee an allowance or mandatory wage less than the national minimum wage.
  • An employer who fails to provide an employee with any applicable condition of employment prescribed under the Employment Legislations.

Labour Relations Division


The Labour Relations Division has the role of promoting and maintaining industrial peace and stability by providing a legal framework to balance the interests of employers and workers, ensuring in particular compliance with the conditions of employment prescribed by law. 


The main functions of this Division include:


  • Ensuring that safety and health of all workers are being maintained in the workplaces in accordance with the safety and health regulations


  • Investigating claims and complaints relating to terms and conditions of employment.


  • Formulating policies on industrial relations, and


  • Reviewing employment and labour laws regularly, to ensure their continued relevance to both employers and workers.


The Industrial Relations Section, Labour Monitoring and Compliance Section and the Outstation Offices all fall under this Division. 

Employment Promotion Division



The Employment Promotion Division ensures that all Seychellois have access to job opportunities. This includes providing training schemes that will enable jobseekers to have the necessary skills to compete on the labour market. The Division aslo handles all job applications made for non-Seychellois.


The main functions of the Employment Promotion Division include :


  • Promoting the implementation of the National Employment Policy in relation to Employment Promotion matters


  • Promoting the goals of decent work


  • Managing the employment of non-Seychellois workers


  • Ensuring the proper management of the Employment Training Schemes


  • Monitoring the services of all registered Private Employment Agencies


In order to perform the above mentioned duties, the Employment Promotion Division is divided into three sections which are the Labour Migration Section, the Special Employment Programme Section and the Employment Services Section.



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