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Productivity Unit

Productivity within Organizations

Organizations do contribute towards GDP growth. At a micro level organizations have the following objectives at the core of its productivity improvement program;

  • Making better use of available resources in order to increase output
  • Reducing the cost of producing goods and services
  • Operating as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Providing a higher quality of service
  • Employing a faster and more accurate processes for identifying customer needs
  • Improving the quality of products
  • Promoting teamwork and co-operation amongst staff members
  • Providing training to acquire a highly trained and capable workforce


The following are some pertinent issues that affect productivity;

  • High number of staff on sick leave
  • Unauthorized absenteeism
  • Negative attitude/behaviour in the workplace
  • Wastage of resources
  • Obsolete laws and Policies
  • Long procedures
  • Poor Managerial styles
  • Poor Leadership
  • Poor customer service
  • Poor working conditions
  • Low quality/ sub standard products
  • Inequality in salary
  • Poor communication
  • Reward system
  • Lack of appropriate safety measures
  • Poor working environment
  • Delay in production target
  • Lack of incentives
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