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Policy Planning and Research Section

Policy Planning and Research Section

The role of the Policy Planning and Research Section is to provide technical advice to the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development with the view to guide decision-making and ensure compliance to international obligations.


The objectives of the Policy Planning and Research Section are to:

  • Ensure that employment and human resource development policies are in line with national development
  • Analyze the labour market in order to make informed decisions and to guide policy intervention in regards to labour market trends
  • Ensure collection of accurate and quality statistics to conduct analysis of the changes in the labour market
  • Promote decent work for workers and vulnerable groups such as youths, women and the disabled


The functions of the Policy Planning and Research Section include:

  • Undertaking socio-economic research, prepare and evaluate policy reports
  • Evaluating reports and statistics for policy formulation
  • Coordinating and implementing the Ministry’s international obligations with organizations of which the Government of Seychelles is a member
  • Maintaining and managing the Ministry’s Labour Market Information System (LMIS)


The Policy Planning and Research Section is made up of four Units and they are the Policy Planning Unit, the Research Unit, the Statistics Unit and the Cooperation Unit.

Employment Statistics

August 2017

PEAs Total registered job seekers 525
Total Registered Unemployed My First Job Graduates 68
No. of registered unemployed youth (15-30 years)1 323
No. of registered unemployed youth (15-24 years)2 247
Total job placement 853
Total Graduates Placement (My First Job 539
Total registered vacancies 1541
Total occupational accidents 44
Total GOPs issued for non-Seychellois workers 20794
Total workers made redundant 432
Total registered grievance cases 501

Source: MEICS, Private Employment Agencies, Immigration Division

1National standard Classification
2International standard Classification 

Seychelles Decent Work Programme

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