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Labour Monitoring & Compliance Section

Labour Monitoring & Compliance Section

The main role of the Labour Monitoring and Compliance Section is to ensure compliance with the labour laws, that is, the set of national regulations and standards designed to promote and protect the health and safety of all workers while at work in Seychelles.

The functions of the Labour Monitoring and Compliance Section include;

  • Securing the enforcement of the legal provisions relating to conditions of work and the protection of workers while engaged in their work, such as provisions relating to hours, wages, safety, health and welfare, the employment of young persons, and other labour matters.
  • Advising employers/workers on their rights and obligations concerning the most effective means of complying with the legal provisions;
  • Bringing to the notice of the competent authority defects or abuses not specially covered by existing legal provisions;
  • Investigating complaints, and conciliating in disputes between employers and workers
  • Ensuring safe working environment in Seychelles in  collaboration with other social partners and stakeholders

The Labour Inspectors enforce laws concerning;

  • Compliance with labour legislations
  • Workplace safety and occupational health
  • The employment of young persons
  • Discrimination in the workplace

According to the Occupational Safety and Health laws, occupational accident should be reported to the Ministry within 48hrs to be investigated in order to prevent further occurrence of such incident. 

Under the existing health and safety legislation an employer is required to provide his/her employee with personnel protective equipment and trained him/her on how to use them.

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