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Human Resources and Budget Management Section

Human Resources and Budget Management Section

The Human Resources and Budget Management section is crucial as it serves as the backbone for the smooth operation and functioning of the organization. It has a vital role to play to ensure a high standard of service delivery.

This Section is divided into two Units namely the Human Resource Unit and the Administration Unit which includes the Information Technology (IT) and the Budget Management Unit.

Human Resources and Administration Unit


  • Preparing and implementing internal human resources policies, procedures and functions in accordance with Government regulations.
  • Preparing and implementing training and succession plan. 
  • Providing advice on personnel administrative and financial issues.
  • Conducting recruitment, staff movement exercises and regular review of the establishment list
  • Coordinating and providing functional guidance on all matters pertaining to human resources management, development, and administrative issue of the Department. 
  • Administering salaries, Scheme of service and other benefit plans. 


Information Technology Unit

  • Ensure proper management and maintenance on Information Technology infrastructure of the Department.
  • Ensure the set up and maintenance of Local Area Network linking Divisions/Sections and Units.
  • Ensure the development and the maintenance of the necessary software for all required information system.
  • Liaise directly with the Department on Information Technology and Communication for Software compatibility and development in relation to Government’s computerization policy.
  • Develop instructions and procedures manuals specifying methods of operations, data management (including back and safety procedures) and effective maintenance of work stations.
  • Provide on job training for staff of the Department in effective utilization of information system and basic computer application such as software packages.

    Budget Management Unit
  • Providing advice on accounting matters
  • Planning and installing budgetary and accounts, controlling policies and systems
  • Preparing and certifying financial statements for management decision and other external users.
  • Submitting statutory financial returns, financial report and budget forecasts
  • Checking and verifying all revenue and expenditure transactions. 
  • Collecting, safeguarding and depositing revenue and safeguard sound accounting practices.
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