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About Us

About Us

The  Employment Department falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry Of Employment, Immigration and Civil Status.

Our vision is to achieve full employment, rights at work, social protection and social dialogue in a stable working environment.

The mandate of the Ministry is to play a vital role through employment related activities, to build a productive workforce and to lend support to all efforts to enable the people of Seychelles to become self-sufficient, enjoy decent work that leads to rewarding and enhanced quality of life.

Our Main functions are:

  • Formulating and  coordinating the implementation of  employment, and human resources development polices and plan
  • Enforcing and reviewing employment legislation
  • Providing employment services with a view to attain full employment
  • Promoting and ensuring harmonious industrial relations
  • Promoting and ensuring a safe working environment
  • Managing the employment of non-Seychellois workers
  • Promoting  the principles of decent work
  • Contributing to the enhancement of productivity
  • Ensuring compliance to international obligations related to employment
  • Collating and disseminate employment statistics
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